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Say Goodbye To Your Cobwebbed Servers

That behemoth server has done its time. It’s tough to admit that a piece of equipment that cost you a fortune is at the end of its lifecycle.

What makes this news more palatable is IT solutions on the market today are far superior.

At IP Consulting, we believe a great IT solution must be a value generator. The thing is, value is gauged over time by productivity gains, a crisis diverted, or agility with unexpected upturns in processing demand… the list can go on and on. Fortunately, IP Consulting sources Cisco servers. You won’t find a more powerful or scalable platform for consolidating and managing diverse data center resources than Cisco Unified Computing Systems (Cisco UCS).

What’s Different About Cisco Servers?

Cisco has redesigned servers in a way that gets the most out of a virtual environment. Multiple servers can be managed from a single window for initial configuration and troubleshooting any problems in server operation.

Through its unified, embedded, policy-based, and ecosystem-friendly approach, Cisco UCS Manager helps reduce management and administration expenses, which are among the largest expenditures in most IT budgets.

Here is a short list of our favorite Cisco UCS benefits. Of course, if you want more detail, you can refer to this resource.

  • Delivers industry-leading memory capacity, application performance and consolidation ratios.
  • Allows radically simplified infrastructure and accelerated application deployment.
  • Enables superior availability from fabric interconnects to individual servers, to ensure no single point of failure.
  • Unified platform enables easier management of components.
  • Enables introduction of automation and self-service provisioning to respond to incoming and outgoing calls and emails.
  • Rapid scalability up and down to meet business requirements and fluctuations in processing demands.
  • Decreases power, cooling, space, and software licensing (based on number of CPUs) costs.

Tips & Resources

Find out more about Server Infrastructure Management and Scalable Computing Solutions. IP Consulting is one of only a few Cisco Partners in the area to earn the prestigious Cisco Premier Certification in combination with the Cisco Advanced Unified Communications Specialization. If you haven’t looked at Cisco lately, you might want to see what our server product engineers have been up to.