Video Collaboration

Make Virtual Meetings Meaningful

We all know what it’s like – sitting at your desk on a conference call, with your line muted as you talk to coworkers. However great a momentary break from tedium can be, we can now capitalize on virtual meetings to a degree that we couldn’t in the past.

With video collaboration from Cisco, 1:1 meetings can feel like you’re in the same room, and large conferences can return to productivity through high-quality video conferences. Create valuable communication while on the go, and don’t spend so much time and money traveling for meetings.

You Don’t Have To Abandon Your Current System

Collaboration tools don’t have to be an untouchable, expensive investment. Chances are, you could add video capability onto your current Cisco system low-cost and stress-free.

Some benefits of Cisco Collaboration include:

  • Less need for travel.
  • Ability to connect to users on different systems.
  • Increased mobile productivity.
  • High quality, easy-to-use video.
  • Instant messaging.

Find out how collaboration can improve your organization’s productivity today!


A Productive Conference Room

Imagine the productivity of your trips to HQ without the wasted time, splitting headaches, and sleep deprivation caused by the travel to get there. Cisco’s TelePresence makes that possible by providing a secure HD video experience, packed with features such as screen sharing and recording.

Now let’s follow your thoughts:

You:  TelePresence really would be nice. I bet it costs a fortune.

Us:  Well it did, 5 years ago. You might be surprised how affordable it is today.

You:  That might be true, but our budget is already very tight.

Us:  With the decreased HR and recruiting costs, the time savings generated throughout the organization, faster time-to-market, faster supply chain, and increased efficiency brought to the table, TelePresence will more than pay for itself. Not to mention leave you with happier employees.

You:  It still seems like a big investment for a video unit that can only connect to a couple other units in the whole company.

Us:  Actually, any video-enabled device, even those outside of your company, can call into your TelePresence system with full functionality and features, allowing you to maximize your TP investment.

You:  Okay great, but is it even that different from other video products like Skype?

Us:  As a matter of fact, it is significantly better. TP is an immersive experience that really feels like the other group is in the room with you. We are so confident that you’ll love it, we are offering a free 2-week trial with two SX-10 endpoints to let you experience it for yourself.

You:  Wow! That’s pretty great. I can’t really think of any reasons why we shouldn’t get TelePresence. How can I get finance on the same page?

Us:  Give us a call. We can help you formulate a convincing business case and can work with your team to customize a solution that fits your needs and budget.

Wasn’t that easy?

Video conferencing can enable productivity in your organization that you may have never experienced before. Simplicity, speed, and quality become the norm with your meetings. Check out how TelePresence can be leveraged for your specific industry: link

Collaboration Meeting Room (CMR)

A Personal Meeting Room, In The Cloud

Cisco’s Collaboration Meeting Room is opening doors. One door per person, actually. Behind each door is a dedicated meeting room in the cloud for each individual. Gone are the days of wondering or stressing over what technology the party you’d like to meet with is working on. It doesn’t matter anymore.

With CMR, anyone can join your room. They don’t need to have WebEx, TelePresence, or even Jabber. It’s as simple as following a link to join your personal conference room, always open and waiting for the attendees.

This whole “cloud” thing is pretty confusing, so let’s break CMR down to its most simplistic form.

  • Any device can join – HD video endpoints, mobile devices, desktops, laptops.
  • Users can join using video or audio, with a full set of video conferencing features.
  • No specific software or hardware is necessary to join.
  • The room is always open – you don’t need to invite your party to a “new meeting”, just jump in and jump out as you desire (don’t worry, you can lock your room whenever you need to).
  • Up to 25 HD video endpoints can join your room, along with 500 computers with video and 500 audio only connections.
  • Joining is as simple as following a link.

All this is hosted through a Cisco data center, so you don’t need any additional equipment on site to run this amazing system. Imagine CMR as a real-world meeting room that is open to only you. Your own designated space that you can walk into and out of as you please. Except this room can fit 1,000 people.

Whether you need to connect to customers, employees, prospective employees, partners, or your friends and family, Cisco CMR takes any stress out of the equation. Welcome to your new world of simple meetings, presented by Cisco.

If this sounds appealing to you, give us a call to find out how your team can utilize this tool!


Your Meeting: Anytime, Anywhere

Unlock mobility. If you don’t have the capability to take your meetings with you on the go, you should give us a call. Your employees should have the tools to be productive wherever they are, and they’ll be grateful to you for equipping them.

WebEx allows you to do like a million things. We don’t want to bore you, though, so here’s a few:

  • Host video meetings with up to hundreds of attendees.
  • Connect from mobile devices.
  • Share your screen and programs.
  • Record meetings to send to those unable to attend.
  • Equip your team with online training courses.
  • Host webinars.

All this can be available on-premises or in the cloud – whatever best fits your organization.

Video is necessary to maximize the productivity between your team members, customers, and support. Save yourself time, money, and management with WebEx. Our team of experts will make sure you invest in productive technology that enables you to achieve your goals.

Don’t let your organization lag behind as video continues to grow into a necessity.