At IP Consulting, we understand that you need to collaborate. You need a simple, intuitive tool to keep your internal teams connected wherever they are.

For many of our clients, Cisco Webex Teams is that tool. It provides an easy-to-use collaborative experience for video conferencing, file sharing, messaging, and more. Cisco Webex Teams offers:

  • Seamless connectivity: Collaborate from your desktop, from your phone, or from a Cisco Webex Board. Your conversation travels with you.
  • An intuitive interface: Start meetings with a simple tap.
  • Simple file sharing: Files are organized, easy to find, and searchable.
  • Interactive whiteboarding: Make a quick sketch to explain an idea and share it easily within your chat.
  • Robust security: Organizations that discuss sensitive information need to keep those discussions secure. Webex Teams offers end-to-end encryption, secure searching, and moderation controls that ensure privacy.

We also know that connecting you to a solution such as Webex Teams is only the beginning. We’re with you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth deployment that aligns with your organization’s goals for collaboration. Once Webex Teams is deployed, we stay with you through the adoption process, ensuring your team knows how to take full advantage of Webex Teams and its capabilities.

At IP Consulting, we know the value of efficient, cost-effective collaborative solutions. With our in-depth knowledge and expert engineers, we’ll connect you with a solution tailored to your organization and ensure a smooth implementation and adoption.


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