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Modernize Your Network Technology to Improve Patient Experience, Telehealth Systems, and Care

The healthcare industry is being transformed by technology, and patients now expect experiences that align with their digital-first daily lives. IP Consulting can help your clinicians provide better on-site care, remote patient monitoring, and telehealth services by securing and modernizing your network.


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Enhance Practice Efficiency with a Secure and Comprehensive Network.

We offer customized health IT solutions that can help you advance your digital health technology, become HIPAA-compliant with patient data, quickly access and leverage more telemedicine solutions, and improve operational efficiencies. With our help, you can enhance the patient experience, improve care delivery, and stay ahead of the competition.

We understand the shift towards providing care from anywhere.

In today’s digital-first world, delivering positive patient experiences is crucial for any organization. IP Consulting’s collaboration and digital front door technologies can help keep your patients engaged while supporting telehealth and virtual care.


We help you scale your limited resources.

Due to the current staffing shortages and the high burnout rates among clinicians, healthcare organizations are facing significant challenges. To help alleviate this burden, our digital-first workflows and innovative technologies that can help scale limited resources. By expanding virtual care, hybrid work, and digital front door, we can help healthcare organizations deliver high-quality care while reducing the strain on their staff.


We help you protect your patients and their data.

A security breach can cost your organization more than just money. It can damage your reputation and affect care delivery reliability. We will help you defend against threats, safeguard patient data, and secure medical devices with security resilience.

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We help you transform your facilities for the future.

Smart, connected, and sustainable spaces are the future of healthcare facilities. IP Consulting can help you optimize your buildings and reduce your organization’s carbon footprint through technology solutions.

Save time with our 24/7 end-user support. Let us help you focus on providing care for your patients.