IDC predicts that digital transformation spending will reach $1.7 trillion worldwide by the end of 2019.

The firm also notes 59 percent of companies are stalled in their digital transformations, which IDC calls a “digital impasse.” Companies that are embracing digital transformation are seeing increased revenue and customer satisfaction. According to Cisco, organizations that are implementing digital transformation are seeing 26 percent more profitability than their competitors. 

Organizations considering digital transformation face practical concerns, such as what technologies to implement and how those technologies will impact their internal IT teams.

At IP Consulting, we have an in-depth understanding of the digital landscape. We can help you leverage digital transformation into tangible results. Our process includes:

  1. Strategy and planning: We work closely with you to learn your business needs and priorities. We propose digital transformation solutions that make sense for your goals, with an eye on your bottom line.
  2. Implementation: We deploy your solutions in alignment with your business goals and organizational needs.
  3. Adoption: We work with you after implementation to ensure you see tangible results from our work together.

Digital transformation will look different for each organization. Our recommended solutions include:

  • IT transformation: Improving process to help your internal IT team work more productively. For example, as a Cisco Premier Partner, we offer powerful Cisco solutions that integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning to simplify troubleshooting.
  • Enterprise network security: Cyberthreats are continuously evolving. We can help you implement tools that stay ahead of those threats and keep every endpoint secure across your organization.
  • Software-defined access: Cisco’s SD-Access weaves your network into a single fabric. It simplifies deployment and provisioning while enhancing security.
  • Data and analytics: Get real-time insights that bring value and inform decision-making.

The digital transformation is here. We’ll work with your organization to develop a transformational strategy that makes sense.


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