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Our team offers managed technology services that equip you with all the resources, expertise, and support you need to keep your technology running smoothly.


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Our experts specialize in developing and deploying personalized managed technology services tailored to your needs.

Managed Technology Services


Network Security

Our Network Solution provides customers with a fully configured, supported, and monitored network solution. The service offers proactive and reactive support, including firmware updates, network issue resolution, and monitoring.

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Unified Communications

Our Unified Communications solutions streamline communication and collaboration across different devices and media types, providing a consistent user experience. This leads to increased productivity and cost savings for organizations.

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Disaster Recovery or Backup

Our disaster recovery and backup solutions ensure that your critical data and systems are backed up and can be quickly restored during a disaster. Our goal is to minimize downtime and financial loss while making sure your business operations continue to run seamlessly.

Our Backup solution provides a virtual copy of data for businesses to recover lost files and avoid downtime, while our Disaster Recovery solution offers a step-by-step plan to switch to a secondary IT infrastructure during major incidents to ensure critical functions continue seamlessly. With our solutions, businesses can protect their data, ensure business continuity, and minimize risks.

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Help Desk

Our Help Desk solution provides technical support to end-users, seamlessly integrating with existing service desks or serving as an outsourced IT team. With our highly skilled team, organizations can minimize downtime, reduce disruptions, and ensure efficient job performance.

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Why Choose IP Consulting?

Once you engage with IP Consulting, you’ve hit the “easy button” in your IT transformation. We then develop and implement an affordable plan to work within your existing infrastructure.



Our team has extensive IT management experience and provides solutions tailored to your specific requirements.


Customized Solutions

We understand that every client is unique, and offer customized solutions that meet your business needs.


Competitive Pricing

Though our services are competitively priced, we don’t compromise on quality,. We ensure that you receive the best possible value for your investment.


Timely Delivery

We understand that your time is valuable and consistently deliver on our commitments.