To be certified as a Cisco Lifecycle Advisor, IP Consulting must consistently demonstrate our ability to help customers fully adopt their technology investment, and maximize the benefits of the solution. This means ongoing engagement and support to maintain their trust before and after the buying process.

“When asked what my role is at IPC, I like to say that, account managers make sure you can buy whatever you want, but I have to make sure you still want what you buy.”

Greg Webb, Customer Experience Manager

We help our customers build a plan that will give their new technology the best chance of being adopted throughout the organization. We help identify recipes, to understand the specific steps required to complete a goal. But we also train on techniques, so that people can make good decisions when ingredients for a recipe are missing. Equipping employees with this knowledge builds confidence and improves their comfort with new technology.

The Real Cost of Unused Software (a study done by 1E in 2015) found that “the average company is currently wasting a whopping 37% of their software spend” on unused applications. That statistic is staggering, but not surprising. Investing time and money into a new software application is expensive. Mastering the plain vanilla version of the software is a significant feat on its own and that’s only the starting point. You still have to solve the real challenge: adapting it to your own flavor – figuring out “how will my organization use this?” It goes beyond the technology, this is about how your organization operates, differentiates, and succeeds.

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Let IPC help you reduce wasted time and money, increase employee satisfaction, and use the tools you’ve already invested in more effectively.


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