Maintenance and Support

Gartner estimates the average cost of downtime to be $5,600 per minute.

Network downtime impacts more than your bottom line, though. It also impacts your relationship with your customers.

With IP Consulting you receive world-class maintenance and support. Our certified engineers ensure you have the right solutions in place, and then back those solutions through the adoption process.

We go beyond simple maintenance, though. We ensure you have the support you need by providing:

  • Educational resources: We offer end-user training to teach them about potential cybersecurity threats that could impact your network, along with how to avoid them.

  • Automated inventory and contract management: By automating manual tasks, you lessen the risk of human error.

  • Business continuity planning: We work with you to plan for worst-case scenarios, ensuring that no matter what happens, we can get you up and running quickly while securing vital business data.

Our Cisco solutions are backed by Cisco’s award-winning Smart Net Total Care. Smart Net Total Care includes:

  • Cisco Technical Assistance Center support: Their experts are available around the clock.

  • Online self-help tools: Cisco’s online portal can help your internal team find answers quickly and easily.
  • Security and product alerts: The Smart Net Total Care portal provides real-time alerts about your network, ensuring you identify issues before they impact your network.

The IP Consulting team believes in tangible results. We’ll work with you to ensure you have reliable solutions in place that are there when you need them.


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