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With IP Consulting as your partner, saving your community from digital disruptions has never been easier.

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As a city and county government official, you’re responsible for modernizing your infrastructure and managing your IT and OT. Having a proven digital transformation strategy in place simplifies the modernization process as well as strengthens your security posture during the process and beyond.

With IP Consulting’s proven track record of IT and OT modernization, digital transformation just got a whole lot easier.

What Makes IP Consulting The Trusted Advisor for Your Infrastructure Modernization?

IP Consulting’s team of IT specialists do everything we can to ensure you gain the full advantage of your IT investment to protect your citizens and achieve your designated outcomes.
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Experienced in NTIA, BEAD, ARPA, and other grant options

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Proactive vs reactive approach to IT management

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Proven methodology that guarantees success

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End-to-end lifecycle management

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Partner to a variety of public sector organizations

We know your concerns:

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Digital government

Citizens demanding enhanced efficiency and expediated services.

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Legacy modernization

Determining the best use of ARPA funds and infrastructure bill grants to invest in digital infrastructure.

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Closing the digital divide

Influx of federal broadband grants and funding (NTIA and BEAD) to expand digital equity.

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Workforce challenges

Providing secure access to your remote workforce while lacking qualified IT security internal support.

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Uptick in state-sponsored attacks, ransomware, phishing attacks, hacktivists, and improper usage.

IP Consulting and Cisco: Managed Services for State and Local Governments and Utility Providers

As a Cisco Premier Provider, IP Consulting’s managed IT services are designed to help you meet these challenges head on and implement best practices to empower your smart city transformation. We can help you connect to the right resources and help you secure the grants you need to meet government and citizen expectations.
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Managed Network

Prevent unauthorized access, enhance business continuity, and simplify administration.

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Managed Security

Protect your data, meet compliance requirements, and confidently stand up to the latest threats.

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Managed SCADA

Secure your operation technology (OT) and reduce costs with remote monitoring and management of your SCADA systems.

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Managed UCaaS

Communicate and collaborate freely with a cloud-based connected environment.

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