Your Ideal Video Conferencing Room Is:

A Mobile Solution – WEBEX MEETINGS

Based on your answers, you and your team are always on the go. Setting up a video conferencing room may not be practical. You can still facilitate professional, high-quality video conferencing, though, with the right mobile solution.

With this robust video conferencing solution you can expect:

High Video Quality

HD video with layouts you can easily customize to participate from any remote location.


Accessible On Any Device

Host or join a meeting from any device: mobile, tablet, laptop or video device ensuring one consistent experience.


Multiple Device Capabilities

You can chat and follow-up easily after meetings using any standards-based video conferencing system – Cisco or otherwise.

Even with a mobile solution, consider your current broadband capabilities. Video conferencing requires sending and receiving data packets in real time. To accommodate this, users typically need 2Mbps per call for sending and receiving (and more for HD and other activities such as screen sharing). Your broadband should be able to accommodate fast real-time connections from a wide variety of locations and devices.

Video conferencing can lower travel costs for remote employees and locations, and you don’t need to invest in a special room to do it. At IP Consulting, we specialize in video conferencing solutions that seamlessly connect you with multiple locations, team members, and external stakeholders. We can design a flexible solution that meets your needs. Contact us today to find your ideal video conferencing solution.



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