Your Ideal Video Conferencing Room Is:

The Conference Room – Room Kit

From your responses it appears you have limited space, and you meet anywhere you can. A Conference- Room Kit space can ensure you have video conferencing when and where you need it. To make the most of your most frequent meeting spaces, consider a video conferencing solution that can be mounted to a cart, such as Cisco Webex Room Kit.

With a mobile video conferencing solution, you can take advantage of any and all available spaces.

To make the most of any space, consider:


Furniture and Chair Arrangement

Everyone should be able to be seen on camera and picked up by the system microphones.


Consider minimizing outside light, which can interfere with picture quality.



In a busy office environment, minimizing background noise can be a challenge. Choose a video conferencing solution that automatically minimizes background noises such as typing. 

Network Infrastructure and Speed

Video conferencing requires sending and receiving data packets in real time. To accommodate this, users typically need 2Mbps per call for sending and receiving (and more for HD and other activities such as screen sharing). Your broadband should be able to accommodate fast real-time connections from a wide variety of locations.

Implementing a portable video conferencing that meets your needs is a challenge. At IP Consulting, we specialize in video conferencing solutions that seamlessly connect you with multiple locations, team members, and external stakeholders. We can design a flexible solution that meets your space and meeting requirements. Contact us today to find your ideal video conferencing solution.