Your Ideal Video Conferencing Room Is:

Boardroom – Room 70 Dual

Based on your responses you need dedicated meeting space for your team to communicate. The Boardroom – Room 70 Dual  is best suited for 8 to 12 people. With a dedicated boardroom, you can ensure the room has the appropriate lighting, acoustics, and space for a busy day of meetings.

To make the most of your dedicated collaboration space, consider:


Room Shape

Rectangular rooms are ideal for video conferencing, but other shapes can work, too.


Ceiling Height

For sound and lighting purposes, eight- to 10-foot ceilings are best.

Network Infrastructure and Speed

Video conferencing requires sending and receiving data packets in real time. To accommodate this, users typically need 2Mbps per call for sending and receiving (and more for HD and other activities such as screen sharing).


The room color and the number of windows can impact the image quality during a video conference. Consider including personalizing touches such as wall art and plants to create a welcoming environment for everyone involved.

A quiz is only a starting point, though. At IP Consulting, we specialize in video conferencing solutions that seamlessly connect you with multiple locations, team members, and external stakeholders. Contact us today to find your ideal video conferencing solution.