Your Ideal Video Conferencing Room Is:

Huddle Room – Room Kit Mini

Your meeting size and space might be small, but it can still make a great impression. A dedicated huddle space is ideal for groups of two to five people. By dedicated, we mean that you have a video conferencing solution permanently installed in the room to create the perfect video and acoustic conditions. You can still use the room for other purposes (just make sure the video conferencing solution is turned off when you need privacy).

For the perfect dedicated huddle space, consider:


Room Shape

Rectangular or square rooms are ideal for video conferencing, but other shapes can work as well.


Ceiling Height

For sound and lighting purposes, eight- to 10-foot ceilings are best.

Network Infrastructure and Speed

Video conferencing requires sending and receiving data packets in real time. To accommodate this, users typically need 2Mbps per call for sending and receiving (and more for HD and other activities such as screen sharing). Small huddle meetings won’t use as much bandwidth as a larger set-up, but you want to ensure your video conferencing doesn’t slow down network access for the rest of your location.

Of course, a quiz is just a starting point. At IP Consulting, we specialize in video conferencing solutions that seamlessly connect you with multiple locations, team members, and external stakeholders (even with limited space). Contact us today to find your ideal video conferencing solution.



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