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Overcome your in-house limitation and realize your business goals.

Your business may require IT project-based services to overcome challenges related to limited in-house-house expertise. We can alleviate the frustrations of tight deadlines, scalability, budget contstraints, and many other challenges with our specialized skills, resources, and expertise that will help your business successfully complete demanding IT projects.

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 We harness the power of modern and advanced technology to help organizations make dynamic changes.


Customer Application Development

Services we specialize in: 

  • Project Management
  • Customer Application Development
  • API Development
  • Software Integrations
  • Strategic Roadmaps
API Development

Project Management

We offer professional project management services that help organizations complete even the most complex projects on time and within budget. We provide peer-reviewed project management guidelines and techniques that help organizations manage their workforce and projects efficiently.

Our multidisciplinary team mitigates project risks and follows proven methodologies defined by project management accreditation organizations like the Project Management Institute (PMI).  We harness the power of modern, innovative, and advanced technologies to help organizations adopt agile methodologies and make dynamic decisions. 

Custom Application Development

We understand that as a company grows, its needs change. We create scalable applications that run efficiently in legacy systems while also being compatible with the most recent systems. Our team utilizes innovative technologies to develop custom applications, ensuring data privacy and enhancing performance. 

Our custom applications are low-cost, agile, client-focused, and market-driven. We develop applications that are market ready, granting an extra benefit to organizations. Our custom applications allow organizations to manage workflows efficiently, automate tasks, and accelerate productivity.

API Development

Our team analyzes business processes and application features to develop customized API features that enable organizations to unlock their full potential and accelerate their return on investment. In the integration phase, we seamlessly integrate the API with backend solutions without obstructing the business process. Organizations can connect applications and efficiently analyze data with our fast, lightweight APIs.

Software Integrations

Our software integration enhances productivity, improves data security, and helps organizations offer better customer service. We start by analyzing your organization and understanding your integration requirements. Then, our software specialists build the architecture based on your needs, with profound security and data integrity. We connect multiple solutions into one unified architecture. Lastly, we perform integration testing to ensure the software integration meets the business requirements.

Strategic Roadmaps

Strategic roadmaps help organizations streamline their operations and optimize the cost of the process. At IP Consulting, we have years of experience developing unique strategic roadmaps for organizations of all sizes. We can draw roadmaps and create a strategic plan for all IT initiatives in the organization, from cloud migration to organization transformation. Our multidisciplinary team crafts a strategic roadmap that aligns well with your short-term project goals and business objectives. We guarantee that your future IT initiatives will be more streamlined and strategic.