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Managed IT Services that transform your technology from a limitation to a strategic advantage.

As a managed IT service provider, our managed technology services provide the solutions you need to fuel innovation and achieve success.

Redefine what’s possible through a Managed Technology Service Partnership.

Whether you need managed IT services, cyber security services, or IT help desk services, our managed IT service provider is ready to help. We are your experts in IT support services, IT network security services, and data protection services, positioning your business as a trusted partner.

We provide the unique combination of people, guidance, and solutions you need to:

Managed IT Services Charlottesville VA

Actualize Your Business Outcomes

We don’t see a separation between business strategy and IT. We align with your business goals and build the roadmap which makes them a reality.

IT Help Desk Services Charlottesville VA

Transform Your Customer Experience

Every technological innovation worth making is in service to your customers. Great IT strategy is designed to earn loyalty and advocacy.

IT Support Services Charlottesville VA

Turn IT from an Expense into an Asset

Let’s stop talking about technology as something which merely support your operations. It should be used to fuel innovation so you can deliver increased value for every stakeholder inside and outside your organization.

Many companies don’t have the funds or resources to handle their IT solutions, so our managed IT security services are ready to step in and handle these concerns. We’ll ensure your business data is safe and secure, giving your employees and customers peace of mind. We handle everything from cyber security to IT support services, allowing you to focus on other business aspects.

It seems impossible to maintain enough IT resources for:

– The technology you need to innovate and thrive.

– Senior-level expertise in all IT specializations.

– The staff you need to support your team.


We believe your business deserves the chance to break through its barriers and achieve its goals.

Bridge the technology gaps between you and your goals.

IP Consulting builds customized Managed Technology Services for your organization using our comprehensive suite of tools combined with our proprietary systems, processes and procedures; backed by our industry leading customer guarantee.

Managed Services

Disaster Recovery & Backup
Help Desk

Cloud Services

Infrastructure as a
Platform as a Service
Hybrid Cloud
Private Cloud
Sovereign Cloud

Project-Based Initiatives

Project Management/PMO
Strategic Roadmaps
Custom Application
Software Integrations
API Development

Hardware and Software

And more



“The library section is extremely unique and requires a team that knows the software and technology that will help. IP Consulting was someone that was suggested to us by multiple other libraries as highly recommended due to their knowledge and experience in the sector.”


“The IPC team shows up and communicates effectively with the decision-makers and stakeholders. IPC makes it feel like a collaboration. The initial evaluation proved that IPC and the team have a wealth of invaluable knowledge; projects are documented, and we know where we are. Our confidence in IPC allows us to have peace of mind. Working with IPC feels like we have more than just an individual; they have a team of SMEs in all things IT.”


“There were certain things that we were looking for that IPC gave us confidence in trusting them with more work. The process was thorough. It wasn’t a sales pitch… Every suggestion IPC gave was rooted in education, standards, and best practices. We weren’t looking for prices; we were looking for confidence”


“The day that we called IP Consulting we were in a panic. IP Consulting took our call that day and truly listened to what our problem was, and was very reassuring.”

Powering Business Innovation Nationwide

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Redefine your IT capabilities through a partnership with IP Consulting.

Every organization is struggling to maintain the technology resources it needs to innovate and thrive. We offer a personalized, Managed Technology Partnership that fills your specific resource gaps and empowers your team to achieve its goals.